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WORDS ARE WINGS® offers private 1:1 and group speech-language therapy and improvement services entered into voluntarily by both the client and the clinician; either the client or clinician may discontinue services at any time.


Because WORDS ARE WINGS® does not presently accept insurance, the following are offered to every


  • A free, 90 minute consultation to discuss your speaking concerns in detail and answer all of your questions to help you determine whether we’re a good fit (as client and clinician, respectively).

  • Mini “check-in” appointments (conducted by phone or video call; 10 – 15 mins) in-between paid therapy sessions to ensure practice is being done correctly and address any practice-related questions. 

  • I work directly with each client 100% of the time; there are no assistants, graduate students or interns as you’re paying for my experience and my time which comes from both sides of the therapy table: clinician and client (professionally licensed speech-language pathologist and lifelong severely profound stutterer with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Parent and/or primary caregiver inclusion and hands-on learning in all pediatric and teen-age therapy regimens; participation is subsequently mandatory for each session.

  • Practice regimens that fit into the temporal and school or professional requirements of each client (and their families).

  • Communication with a client’s boss, teacher, physician or pediatrician as appropriate and agreed-upon both verbally and in writing by all parties beforehand (e.g., evaluation results, therapy progress, what a client is working on, a.k.a., what others may see or hear the client doing in order to target their respective speech-language goals, etc.)


Payment is expected immediately upon completion of an evaluation, therapy session, consultation or reception of a communication board in the form of credit card, personal check or cash. If payment is not rendered services will be suspended until payment has been made.

Initial/In-take Evaluation: $125.00 


Based on the results, if no standardized testing is recommended the payment of $125.00 is expected upon completion of administration.  If one or more standardized tests is recommended the $125.00 goes towards a $250.00 formal speech-language evaluation:


Formal Evaluation: $250.00 (includes administration of one or more standardized assessments, data collection and observation time, writing time, a full review of each section of the evaluation with the client or parent(s) until all components are understood, answering all questions related to the evaluation and how to best use the results moving forward re: therapy if it is needed, discussing results with a client’s pediatrician, teacher, boss, etc. as appropriate and agreed upon both verbally and in writing beforehand, ).


There is no additional charge if a second session is needed to complete a formal evaluation.

​All new clients receive 50% off their first therapy session.

Therapy Sessions:  30 minutes = $50.00
                                   60 minutes = $90.00

60-minute consultation for established patients: $75.00

Multilingual communication Boards:  1 board = $25.00
                                                               2 boards = $40.00
                                                               3 boards = $60.00

To arrange a free consultation or ask any questions contact WORDS ARE WINGS® today.


I started to stutter shortly after turning four.  Although some children experience a “developmental stage” of stuttering that includes a dissipation anywhere from several months to several years after onset, my stuttering became so severe so quickly that within several months I was literally stuttering on every word. I would remain in this prison for almost 25 years (add underlined text sans underline).


Although I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) until 2021 at the age 49, my speech-language challenges have always extended beyond the chains and confines of severely, profound stuttering - most notably in the form of difficulty maintaining relations across all aspects of life (e.g., professional, familial, and social).


It is precisely that – quality of life – I try to help clients regain, and better, through speaking well (which is important as mainstream television, film and online platforms spare no time or expense in telling America to laugh when there’s a speech or language difficulty).


It is within this context that I try to bring experience and knowledge from both sides of the treatment table (clinician and client) to help my clients improve their verbal speaking and communication to their satisfaction.


Any concern is important, and every question is important; let’s set-up a free consultation to talk things over and get you started on the road to speech-language fluency today.

To arrange a free consultation or ask any pressing questions please contact WORDS ARE WINGS® today.


Thank you,
Andrew Miceli, M.A., CCC-SLP

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Please contact WORDS ARE WINGS® to set-up a free consultation available in all time zones.

AZ Direct: (917) 887-4716
Skype: andrew.miceli

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