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  • Enables a child to verbally explore their environment

  • Jump-starts socialization skills and the ability to make friends (e.g., short-term, long-term, lifelong) and other relationships throughout the course of life.

  • Improves the potential to transition to daycare, playgroups, preschool, head start, kindergarten, or anywhere a child can be away from family and with peers from several hours to an entire day.

  • Assists a child with communicating wants/needs, internal states, fears, likes, dislikes and other feelings to parents, peers, and school, head-start or daycare staff.

  • Develops independence and confidence vs. thinking or needing to seek it from an external source.

  • Increases the ability to understand what others are saying and what’s going on in the environment around them.

  • Increases the potential for classroom success, e.g., understanding the teacher’s instructions as well as peer comments and questions, wanting to ask or answer questions in front of peers (early public speaking practice which is an underappreciated component of the academic process and experience), a willingness to participate in group dynamics, and better overall control of their environment from preschool to K - 12, undergraduate to the workplace.

  • Provides support for reading success (learning the proper pronunciation of specific speech sounds and their written forms/counterparts in isolation, within words and words within sentences).

  • Provides a foundation for possible bi/multilingualism.

  • Develops leadership through confidence and command of the spoken word.

  • Affords a foundation for considering the debate team, student government roles, athletics, leading or starting a club or group, and other such opportunities come middle school, high school or college.

  • Prepares a student for a college admissions interview (and later for a job interview) as speaking well assists in making a distinguishable, professional impression amongst any given field of candidates regardless of credentials or qualifications via variables such as but not limited to: eye contact, tone of voice, pronunciation, rate of speaking, and others. 

  • Facilitates a positively distinguishable and confident impression for candidacy towards a promotion, bonus, or ascension through a professional track or job hierarchy.

  • Accompanies us throughout our lives while simultaneously providing motivation and ability to try new things and meet new people because speaking well has been developed, learned and honed from the very beginning.


Contact WORDS ARE WINGS® to set-up your free consultation and have all your concerns addressed and questions answered in detail.  If you choose to call (vs. email) and it goes to voicemail please leave a message that includes your name, your phone number twice as well as a brief reason for your correspondence; we can discuss in detail who is presently experiencing whatever respective speaking difficulties may be occurring when I return the call.

AZ Direct: (917) 887-4716 (voice mail or text)
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