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​My name is Andrew Miceli, speech therapist and myself a lifelong stutterer now predominantly fluent.  If you are trying to find services for speech therapy in Tucson then MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ is here to help by offering private, individualized one-on-one sessions conducted in-person or via Skype (phone sessions are also available in the absence of Skype).  

I started MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ to help those whose quality of life has become negatively affected or even unmanageable due to a speech or language-related difficulty.  Whatever may be affecting you, your child, or a loved one’s ability to speak MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ can help.  There are no assistants and no graduate students; as a MICELI SPEECH client it is my responsibility to work directly with you until your speech and language goals have been achieved to your satisfaction.

Providing quality speech-language therapy services is my one and only goal.

MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ acknowledges that the frustrations you may be feeling regarding a presenting speech or language problem are real.  As such, the problem deserves the highest level of attention because to speak as well as possible can be a source of pride, wellness...and even a cornerstone to a better quality of Life. 

MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ therapy sessions last 30 or 60 minutes and are individualized to meet your specific speech-language needs.

Session frequency is typically once or twice per week depending on the client and the severity of the problem (three sessions per week may be recommended in significantly challenging cases), and carry-over assignments are provided to help facilitate progress between sessions.

To schedule a free consultation and determine whether MICELI SPEECH THERAPY & STUTTERING SOLUTIONS™ is right for you please contact me today:

                                            Office: 520-812-9256
                                   Tucson Cell: 917-887-4716
                                           E-Mail: micelispeech@gmail.com

Thank you,
Andrew Miceli, M.A. CCC-SLP​

                           "Fluency Exists on the Breath of Hope." (A.M. 2016)
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